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Happy Birthday Ford !

June 16, 1903 -- June 16, 2003

Ford Press Release:  Ford Gears Up For the Big 100

Ford Power Products celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, as the parent Ford Motor Company celebrates its 100th anniversary with a modernized version (shown here) of the well known "Blue Oval."  A few members of the more senior staff at Powertech Engines Inc. thought it might be appropriate to celebrate this event with a photo or two of an older Ford industrial engine.  Ford engines have been used in industrial applications of one sort or another ever since the first Ford engine was extracted from an early Ford vehicle and put to work, but this process became a bit more formalized in 1947 with the creation of Ford Power Products, and the availability of unique Industrial Components (flywheels, housings, sheet metal, etc.).  A very common early industrial application was a water pump of some sort, so it seems particularly appropriate to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ford Power Products with a few photos of a "working" water pump of similar vintage.

The photos shown here are of a Ford 254 flathead that has been pumping water on the Needham Farm in New Mexico for four or five decades.  Today, it belongs to Ken and Stanton Needham, the "younger" Needham brothers. From their comments below, it appears that the engine is "older" than the memories of its current owners, and that it was apparently purchased and put to work by their Dad and and his brother more than 40 years ago.

Although the exact installation date of this engine is unknown, we do know that the Ford Model 8MNN-2507 flathead 6 cylinder, 254 cid engine was built in the old Ford Rouge plant from 1948 to 1953.

..... and, yes, Powertech Engines Inc. does have a parts book.  It is, however, somewhat tattered!

The photos and comments here are used with the permission of Ken andStanton Needham, and are courtesy of some helpful correspondence from Jim Needham (no relation), the Sales Manager of our fellow Ford Distributor in the midwest, Kansas City Power Products Inc.

Kansas City Power Products Inc. is the Ford Power Products Distributor for Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Southern Illinois, Northern Mississippi, and Eastern Tennessee; they maintain a web site at http://www.kcpp.com.

In an e-mail dated June 5, 2003, Ken Needham remembers: "... the complete well was installed in the 1952-54 time frame to furnish  irrigation water to 40 acres during that major drought. It has had normal maintenance and a couple of rebuilds that I know of.  We are counting on it getting us through this drought."

His brother Stanton reminisces that he "... was just trying to remember how long that Ford engine has been up there. To the best of my memory it was in the late fifties or early sixties.  When the well was dug, uncle Charles put a 3 cylinder diesel engine on it, but that didn't work out too well.  They them put the Ford in - it was run by propane gas to begin with, then before PR Kuykendahl died, they ran the natural gas up there. Someone changed the electrical system from 6 to 12 volt.  There sure is a lot of family history surround that farm, and all the old equipment that is still there.   It will be interesting to see what the distributor says about the engine."

Actually, fellows, we think the pictures do a fine job of telling the story just by themselves ... Thank you!

Note that any of the photos can be "clicked" to see a larger image.

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