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 FORD Industrial Engines:  65 to 99 hp

CSG649 --  The industry standard in airline ground support applications, the FORD 4.9L (300 cid) inline six cylinder engine can operate on gasoline, LPG, natural gas, and CNG.   A modern design, light weight, cast iron block and cylinder head for durability, with thousands of engines in operation throughout the world!  Many of these engines are used  for irrigation and pump applications.  A photo of a typical "rough and ready" 300 CID irrigation frame and surge tank open irrigation power unit with "Texas" PTO and W41 output flange is shown here.

Available with SAE 3 or 4 flywheel housing, 10" or 11.5" industrial flywheel, open and closed power units, a complete accessory package including governors, air cleaners, instruments and controls.

The FORD 4.9L engine produces 107 continuous horsepower @ 2800 rpm on gasoline and 94hp on LPG. The engine weighs 473 pounds and installation dimensions are 36.3"L, 27.17"H and 24.7"L.

ESG 642 -- In late 1999 the NEW FORD 4.2L EFI  V6 engine became available. This NEW V6 engine will take us well into the 21st Century with proven technology and the ability to provide the customer with clean engines that will meet anticipated emission regulations.

This 4.2L V6 engine is very compact.  It weighs 70 pounds less than the 4.9L, is 10" shorter, the same width and only 3" taller.

Standard equipment includes EFI and electronic engine management systems that will provide many of the auxillary functions now performed by add-on accessories.

Additional technical details and specifications are available on the Ford Power Products web site at  Ford North American Engine Chart.

A copy of the Ford data sheet for this engine can be found on the Ford Power Products website at  ESG 642 Data Sheet.  As of May 7, 2002, the California Air Resources Board (aka, "CARB") issued Executive Order U-L-005-0005-1 which states that specially equipped versions of the 2002 model year engine are "... certified for use in off-road equipment ..."  for the following fuel types:  "Gasoline, LPG, CNG, Gasoline-LPG Dual Fuel,  Gasoline-CNG Dual Fuel or LPG-CNG Dual Fuel."  A pdf file copy of the order can be viewed at CaCert4-2L.pdf

[WARNING:  All of  these linked data sheets are fairly large ~ 200k ~ .pdf files, and will take a while to load].
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This page last modified on June 0, 2002.

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