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FORD VALENCIA (VSG) engines are currently available in only one model, a 1.3L engine rated at 32.8hp at 2800 rpm. (A limited supply of service replacements for the earlier 1.1L size with a continuous rating of 27.5hp continuous at 2800rpm are still available).  These four cylinder engines are very smooth and exceptionally quiet when compared to most air cooled engines. Either model can be CARB (California Air Resources Board) certified when in equipment requiring less than 25 horsepower and can operate on gasoline, LPG or natural gas.

Additional information is given on the Ford Power Products web site at  Ford North American Engine Chart, which also has a link to a .pdf file version of the VSG-413 engine data sheet.

VSG compact engines include cast iron cylinder block and head for durability, replaceable exhaust valve seat inserts for operation on dry fuel, and five main bearing crankshaft for smooth performance. We are aware of VSG engines reporting in excess of 14,000 operating hours before repair in co-generation applications.

Valencia engines are distributorless (DIS)! No more replacing ignition points, condensers, distributor caps or rotor . . . there isn't any! Scheduled ignition system maintenance includes only spark plugs and spark plug wires.

Compact, these engines weigh less than 240 pounds, are 29"H, 25"L and less than 20" wide with radiator. Aerial lifts, sweepers, generators, carpet cleaners, and airline ground support are just a few current applications for these engines.

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This page last modified on October 24,  2001.

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