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New Engines in a New Century.
Iveco Motors:
Iveco NEF and Cursor diesels

Ford Diesel Power:
Ford's 7.3 L Power Stroke Diesel

Ford V10 power:

Ford's WSG1068 6.8 L V10 engine
1. Ford Power Products Celebrates its 50th as Ford Celebrates its 100th;
 - - photos of an older Ford 254 flathead industrial engine still pumping at 50 years!

2. Colusa Farm Show 2002:  Introducing the Power Stroke

3. A V10 Wind Machine application (Tulare 2001- 2004)

4.  Ford V10 6.8L Irrigation Power Unit Package  (link to the photo index)

5.  Photos of a Ford V10 powered, propane fueled 85 KW generator set

6.  Ford V10 6.8L Prototype photos  (link to the 6.8L photo index)

7.  Ford V10 data sheet in .pdf format (WARNING:  Big file:  500K plus)

8.  What time is it?  Your computer probably told you that daylight savings time was over, but did you ever notice how inaccurate your CPU clock is?  Check the time anywhere in the world via our link here to the clock at World Time Server.


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