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30 to 65 hp FORD Industrial Engines

Ask for information on the NEW 2.5L four cylinder FORD LRG425 EFI industrial engine. Available now as a gasoline model, with LPG and natural gas as optional alternative fuels.. This engine is also available as a conventional carbureted model.

A few current industrial applications include generators, cryogenics compressors, aerial lifts, brush chippers, airline ground support equipment, co-generation, ice rink surfacers and compressors.

Available with SAE 4 or 5 flywheel housing, open and closed power units, and with various power transmission systems. This new and modern single overhead camshaft model is distributorless (DIS), weighs less than 320 pounds with a maximum continuous horsepower rating of 56 @ 2800rpm.

The installation size is 29"H, 22"W and 27"L. 

Several photos of the  LRG 425  engine are shown here.

Additional information is given on the Ford Power Products web site at  Ford North American Engine Chart.

A copy of the Ford data sheet for carbureted version of this engine can be found on the Ford Power Products web site at LRG 425 Carbureted Data Sheet .

A copy of the data sheet for the EFI version of the 2.5L engine can be found on the Ford Web site at:   LRG 425 EFI Data Sheet .  As of 3/21/2002, the California Air Resources Board (aka, "CARB") issued Executive Order U-L-005-0006-1 which states that specially equipped versions of the 2002 model year engine are "... certified for use in off-road equipment ..."  for the following fuel types:  "Gasoline or LPG or CNG or Gasoline-LPG Dual Fuel or Gasoline-CNG Dual Fuel or LPG-CNG Dual Fuel."  A pdf file copy of the order can be viewed at CaCert2-5L.pdf

[WARNING:  All of  these linked data sheets are fairly large ~ 200k ~ .pdf files, and will take a while to load].

NEW in 1995, the FORD SAMCOR 3.0L engine is a compact 60 degree V-6 rated over 65 continuous horsepower @ 2800rpm. The engine is available as a fan thru flywheel model with cooling system options and sheet metal enclosures. Remember, all FORD industrial engines are covered by a factory 2 year or 2000 hour limited warranty!

Applications include pumping, parking lot sweepers, brush chippers, concrete coring machines and tow tractors. Available with SAE 4 flywheel housing, industrial flywheel, open and closed power unit.

Installation dimensions are 26"L, 28"W and 26"H. Dry weight is 430 pounds. The engine construction includes cast iron block and cylinder head, and hydraulic valve lifters.

POWERTECH ENGINES INC -- Call us toll free at (800) 891-1776, or e-mail us at power@powertechengines.com, or write to us at 2933 East Hamilton Avenue, Fresno, CA 93721

This page last modified on June 08, 2002.

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