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Ford WSG1068 Engine
Powered Generator Set Photos

The photos below were taken by Roger Norman of Powertech Engines Inc.  They show various views of an 85 KW generator set powered with a propane fueled  Ford WSG1068.  This generator set was assembled by Powertech Engines's DOEM Tuban Industrial Products Company Inc. (aka, "TiPCO").   This particular set delivered an actual 87 KW when tested on the TiPCO resistive load banks; it features an oversize Marathon 12 lead generator end for high efficiency.  The generator controls include a Murphy safety shutdown system for low oil pressure, high water temperature, low oil levels, and include an optional hour meter.

These photos have been sized for web viewing, but as there are nine photos, they may take a while to load.  Most of the photos here are about 40K or so in size; larger, higher resolution versions of these photos are available.  The photos were taken in a less than ideal shop environment; our apologies for the background clutter evident in most of the photos.

Tuban Industrial Products Company Inc assembles a variety of Ford powered generators; see http://www.tuban.net/FordGens.htm














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