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Ford V10 6.8L Power Unit Photos

The photos listed show our first "Irrigation Package" for the Ford WSG1068 engine.  These units were assembled and delivered to one of our DOEMs in May of 2000.  The photos (and much of the construction) are courtesy of John Graesser.  Special thanks are also due to the Ford support team lead by Ray Wilson and the Ford Power Products (FPP) engineering staff for their product support.

This unit illustrates a number of options that are common in irrigation applications. It has a heavy duty air cleaner, and in addition to the usual safety shutdowns for high coolant temperature and low oil pressure, this unit also has additional safeties for (pump) water pressure and engine oil level.  It also has a tach, voltmeter, and hour meter, and a special 24 hour timer (which is in the red box under the instrument panel).  The timer provides a simple shutdown for timed water cycles - -  when the pump is mounted (it is not shown in these photos), the unit can be set to run for any time duration up to 24 hours; it then shuts the engine and pump down.

In addition, we should note that the exhaust manifolds (as shown) have been reversed (left & right  -- it also gives us the "upward" direction), and the oil dipstick tube rebent and its mounting point relocated to make sure that there is adequate clearance for the exhaust pipes to clear the rear engine housing.

Employees of the Ford Motor Company, any currently authorized Ford Power Products Distributor, any currently registered Ford OEM or DOEM, and Ford Power Products, LLC, when acting in the course of their Ford product related sales and/or employment, are free to use these photos without charge, so long as they are:  a)  credited to Powertech Engines Inc., and,  b) used to support legitimate Ford related sales efforts.

Questions on these photos should be directed to the Powertech Fresno office at  1-800-784-1776 or they can be emailed to <power@powertechengines.com> ... email to Rob Bly should be directed to his forwarding mailbox at <Rob.Bly@ieee.org>

WARNING:      The originals of these photos are on a Kodak Picture CD.  These photos shown here are sized for internet viewing; if you need a higher quality photo, please ask us, and we will forward the "big" (typically, 800K plus) version.

Even so, these photos will still take a while to load -- be patient, and
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Not every photo here will be useful to everyone; those who are interested in a quick overview will find photos below numbered 10, 7, 5, 9, 11, & 12 (in that order) of most interest.

  1. V10FrontLeft45.jpg
  2. V10FrontTopView.jpg
  3. V10LeftFront30View.jpg
  4. V10LeftRear30View.jpg
  5. V10LeftSideCloseUp.jpg
  6. V10LeftSideTopView.jpg
  7. V10LeftSideView.jpg
  8. V10Rear45LeftView.jpg
  9. V10RearIntakeView.jpg
  10. V10RearLeft45.jpg
  11. V10RearView.jpg
  12. V10RightFront45View.jpg
  13. V10RightRear30View.jpg
  14. V10RightSideHorzView.jpg
  15. V10RightSideTopView.jpg

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