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Ford V10 6.8L Prototype Photos

The photos listed below are of the prototype Ford Industrial 6.8L engine and power unit currently under construction at the Fullerton, CA facility of Powertech Engines Inc.  The photos shown below were taken by Powertech staff member Roger Norman; much of the construction and assembly shown were performed by Powertech staff member Felix Cacho.  Special thanks are due to the Ford support team lead by Ray Wilson and the IPP engineering staff for their product support and engine provisioning.  Thanks are due also to Doug Turner of Anderson Industrial Engines for his helpful suggestions, to Ken Stein of Stein Manufacturing, and to Roger Hein at Amarillo Wind Machine.

Amarillo provided the frame and had the unit on display in their booth at the Tulare Farm Show on February 8-10,  2000; the prototype engine has since been moved to Amarillo's production facility in Exeter, CA.  Users interested in Wind Machine applications can contact Roger Hein at Amarillo Wind Machines at  (559) 592-4256.

Amarillo's web site is at http://www.amarillowind.com

Employees of the Ford Motor Company, any currently authorized Ford Power Products Distributor, any currently registered Ford OEM or DOEM, and Industrial Power Products, LLC, when acting in the course of their Ford product related sales and/or employment, are free to use these photos without charge, so long as they are:  a)  credited to Powertech Engines Inc., and,  b) used to support legitimate Ford related sales efforts.

Questions on these photos should be directed to the Powertech Fresno office at  1-800-784-1776 or they can be emailed to <power@powertechengines.com> ... email to Rob Bly should be directed to his forwarding mailbox at <Rob.Bly@ieee.org>

WARNING:      These photos are fairly large files (200k plus) and will take a while to load -- be patient, and
       USE YOUR BACK BUTTON to return to this page when you have finished viewing a photo.

Not every photo here will be useful to everyone; those who are interested in a quick overview will find ENGINE photo's numbered 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8 of most interest.  Similarly, POWER UNIT photos 1, 4, 6 & 10 are best for a quick overview.
 Note:  At the time the power unit photos were taken, the air cleaner and exhaust turnouts had not yet been mounted.


     Check photos 8, 2, 3, 5, & 6  for a quick overview -

  1. WSG1068EngFelixFan.jpg
  2. WSG1068EngFrtLeftSideFan.jpg
  3. WSG1068EngHoseDetail.jpg
  4. WSG1068EngHsgBkEnd.jpg
  5. WSG1068EngIntakeDetaild.jpg
  6. WSG1068EngRearView.jpg
  7. WSG1068EngFanSpacerh.jpg
  8. WSG1068EngFrontTopSideView.jpg
  9. WSG1068EngFanTopc.jpg


       Check photos 1,4, 6 & 10 for a quick overview -

  1. Wsg1068aFrtSideTopView.jpg
  2. Wsg1068dFanGrd.jpg
  3. Wsg1068gTopDown.jpg
  4. Wsg1068hFarTopDownView.jpg
  5. Wsg1068iTopViewUpRadHose.jpg
  6. Wsg1068jGasConv.jpg
  7. Wsg1068kGasConvSys.jpg
  8. Wsg1068mRadHose.jpg
  9. Wsg1068oTopRadHose.jpg
  10. Wsg1068qRear.jpg

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