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Data Link Page

This "link" page has been created as a special "short-cut."  It provides a quick way to access some of the many "data index folders" that contain the numerous engine and product data sheets, pictures, drawings, manuals, and other useful product information that is posted on our web site.

In brief, each index provides access to a "file drawer list" of data files of a particular type or nature.

Many of these files ARE NOT linked to the regular web pages on our web site.   Also, please note that some of the index folders have links to additional index SUB FOLDERS.  These are often -- but not always -- identified with a leading number, so that they will appear at or near the "top" of the list of files.  Note also that the file names of many files have been modified and extended to provide some indication of the date of the file, and/or to provide some indication of what sort of information the file actually contains.   If the file had a factory reference number, we have tried to preserve it in the "expanded" file name.

1.  FPT/Iveco Motors Links:           Factory Web Site:      http://www.IvecoMotors.com

        Industrial Engines - Variable speed:      http://www.powertechengines.com/IvecoData

        Marine Engine data:      http://www.powertechengines.com/IvecoMarine

        Iveco Engine CARB emission EO's:      http://www.powertechengines.com/IvecoEmissions

        Iveco "G-drive" engines:        http://www.powertechengines.com/IvecoGdrive

        Iveco Manuals:       http://www.powertechengines.com/IvecoManuals

        Iveco CAD Drawings:         http://www.powertechengines.com/IvecoCAD

        Iveco Irrigation OPU data:      http://www.powertechengines.com/IvecoIrrigation

        Iveco OEM users:     http://www.powertechengines.com/Iveco-OEM-users

        Iveco photos  -  General:      http://www.powertechengines.com/IvecoPhotos

        Iveco Press Releases:       http://www.powertechengines.com/IvecoNews

2.  Lombardini Links:      USA web site:          http://www.lombardiniusa.com

        Lombardini Engine Data Sheets:      http://www.powertechengines.com/LomData

        Lombardini CARB emission EO's:     http://www.powertechengines.com/LomEmissions

        Many others yet to list ....

3.  Ford Power Products Links:     Factory web site:   http://www.fordpowerproducts.com

        Ford Data Sheets:     http://www.powertechengines.com/FordData

        Ford CARB emissions EO's:       http://www.powertechengines.com/FordEmissions

        Others yet to list .....

4.  Hydrogen Engine Center links:    Factory web site:    http://www.hydrogenenginecenter.com

        General HEC:      http://www.powertechengines.com/HEC

        USA distributor map:        http://www.hydrogenenginecenter.com/US_canada_maps.htm

        Others yet to list .....

5.  Other Folder links:       Yet "to do"

Notice: Although the the information presented and/or linked from this page has been taken from sources generally believed to be accurate, please be advised that all of the data, drawings, specifications, etc. presented and/or linked here are subject to change-without-notice, and that Powertech Engines Inc., and its various product suppliers, including, but not limited to: Iveco S.p.A, Fiat Powertrain Technologies S.p.A, Iveco Motors of North America Inc., Lombardini USA, Lombardini S.p.A, the Ford Motor Company Inc., and the Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc., assume NO RESPONSIBILITY WHAT-SO-EVER for its accuracy.

If you have an application or inquiry that has critical parameters or data needs, please consult us or the receptive manufacturer for current factory data.

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All prices, specifications, and availability information are subject to change without notice.

Our US toll free product info line is (800) 944-1776

This page last modified on March 14, 2007

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