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Ford's New 7.3 L
Power Stroke® Diesel

ISD-873 diesel engine data                 ISD-873 open power unit data

We will have more to post and say about the new industrial version(s) of the Ford Power-Stroke® diesel engine when we get a bit more information and time.  In the meantime, we have posted some of Ford's preliminary data sheets on the ISD-873 engine and on the ISD-873 open power unit configurations (see also the links above), and, as usual, we will be happy to mail or fax you a copy of either data sheet upon request.

Also included here below are a) some photos of a prototype 7.3 L diesel power unit, and, b)  the full text of Ford's press release on February 19, 2001 announcing the Ford/Maxion International 7.3 L supply and sales agreement inked late last year.

Please note that all of this data is preliminary, as production quantities of the industrial versions of this engine are NOT expected to be available until early in 2002.  Limited quantities of some open power unit configurations are expected in December 2001.

Note:  Ford plans to have four different horsepower versions of the Model ISD-873 engine available in late 2001 and/or early 2002, including models with power ratings of 175, 210, 230, and 250 HP.  The three higher HP versions will also be supplied in a factory dressed open power unit configuration.

a)  Prototype Enclosed Power Unit Photos
The photos below were furnished by Tom Trimble of Engine Center Inc., the authorized Ford Power Products Distributor for the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, and are posted with their permission.  Our thanks to Tom and Engine Center Inc. for sharing.

They show various views of a 210 HP version of the Ford/Maxion 7.3 L Power Stroke® diesel in a prototype (and, as shown, not yet completely finished) sheet metal shell designed by Engine Center Inc.  This very rugged package is intended for the wood chipper market, but is equally suitable for many other applications.

These photos have been sized for web viewing, but as there are five photos, they may take a while to load.  Most of the photos shown below are about 30K or so in size. In addition, each of these photos is also a link to a much larger version (about 400k or so) of the same photo -- just click on the any of the photos to see the larger version.

The photos were taken in a less than ideal shop environment; our apologies for the background clutter evident in some of the photos.

FPP distributor Engine Center Inc. operates a web site at http://www.enginecenter.com

(1)  Front Left Side View


(2)  Left Side View

(3)  Rear View

(4)  Right Side View

(5)  Right Side Close Up View


b)  Ford/Maxion 7.3 L Press Release

Ford Power Products Expands North American Product Line to Include Diesel Engines
Ford Subsidiary Reaches Agreement with Maxion International

Note:  A printable MS Word® version of the press release noted below can be downloaded from the Ford Power Products web site at http://www.fordpowerproducts.com/word_docs/maxion_pr.doc

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., February 19, 2001 – Ford Power Products (FPP) and Maxion International reached an agreement effective December 13, 2000, giving FPP the rights to sell Maxion diesel engines in North America. The agreement allows FPP to purchase diesel engines from Maxion solely for resale purposes. FPP currently offers industrial spark-ignited engines, operable on gasoline, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas to the North American market.

The target for Ford Power Products’ new diesel product line includes industrial, marine and on-highway markets. As with other FPP products, the diesel engines will be available through their North American distributor network.

“Ford Motor Company and International Truck and Engine Corporation have enjoyed a strong association for years. Together, we have created a powerful combination of first-class trucks and state-of-the-art engines,” shares FPP Vice President and General Manager, Paul Moore.

Moore continues, “With Maxion International’s strategic plans to grow North American market share, it is only natural to expand this relationship into the industrial, marine and on-highway applications already serviced by Ford Power Products.”

Ford Power Products will initially offer the 7.3L Power Stroke® diesel engine. The 7.3L Power Stroke® is a segment-leader in Ford’s commercial/over-8500 GVWR fleet and can be found in the F-Series Super Duty trucks among other models.

The powerful yet efficient 7.3L Power Stroke® diesel engine meets all applicable emissions standards while turbocharging and electronic engine controls provide superior fuel economy and smooth engine operation. Continuous advances in technologies, such as electronically controlled, high-pressure fuel injection systems, make diesel engines an ideal option for those seeking added power and torque.

Industry trend previously shifted away from diesel engines due to the negative perceptions associated with old diesel engines and the availability of diesel fuel. Several factors contribute to improving the perception of diesel engines, such as increased torque, diesel fuel being more economical than gasoline and greater cleanliness and efficiency from particulate trapping catalytic mufflers.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer the market a premium diesel engine,” states Larry Maccani, Diesel Program Manager at Ford Power Products. “FPP has established themselves as a leader within the spark-ignited engine market and now we can be a key player in the diesel market as well,” Maccani adds.

Maxion International is wholly owned by International Truck and Engine Corporation, a key supplier and partner of Ford Motor Company. Maxion is a leader in the production of diesel engines in Mercosur, also known as the Southern Common Market, and has plants located in Brazil and Argentina. Maxion supplies diesel engines to major OEM manufacturers and exports a significant amount of its production to other countries such as Mexico, U.S. and the UK.

Ford Power Products is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, with headquarters in Southfield, Michigan and offices in Cologne, Germany and Aveley, England. FPP sells Ford engines, transmissions and other powertrain components to Original Equipment Manufacturers in the industrial, marine and on-highway markets. FPP is ISO 9001 certified and holds the Ford Q1 quality award.

For additional information regarding Ford Power Products, please visit its web site at www.fordpowerproducts.com, or call 1-800-833-4773.


This page last modified on November 10, 2001.

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